Another excellent Posey County audience: North Posey Junior High, 05.22.12!

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On May 22, 2012, I had the honor of being a guest speaker at the last day of school at North Posey Junior High School. This was another attentive and very appreciative southwest Indiana audience—the wonderful kids of the junior high, who watched and listened for an hour as I gave the presentation on the tornado, then participated in a question and answer session. Here are some scenes from the beautiful auditorium of the school, which serves for the combined junior and senior high school, and of which they should be very proud!

The principal, Steve Cavanaugh, walked me through the school over to the auditorium.


Tom Brown, at left, is the one who organized the event; we're standing outside the auditorium.


Here, we're testing the lighting and setting up the posters used in the presentation.


Opening the show with "Over the Rainbow" from "The Wizard of Oz."


The awesome auditorium and stage.


The place wasn't full to capacity, but it was a sizable audience, as you can see.


The long-track map is always on my right, so I can refer to it during the presentation. I'm wondering if I need to get an even BIGGER long-track map for big presentations like this.


The book's cover is always to my left, with Black Oak Media emblazoned across the bottom so folks can see who the publishing house is.


All throughout the program, I refer to the long-track map, which contains stats on the towns and communities stricken by the tornado.


A more close-up view of the long-track map. I loved the background, left on the stage from a recent production....wasn't that The Wizard of Oz?? :-)


We wrapped up the presentation with question-and-answer (including the question "Will you sing something else?" to which I responded---after laughing a bit---with my pageant version of "Stormy Weather")


I’ve been getting emails and texts from the kids to whom I gave business cards…I should have given out more…you all can share the info, I promise I’ll answer all emails and texts if you have any questions especially. Thank you, NPJHS, for being such an awesome audience, and I hope those of you who got the book really enjoy it….and for those who didn’t get one today, your Principal has some in the office, and of course you can always order one from the front page of the website here, or pick one up at Barnes & Noble in Evansville!

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