THE Barnes & Noble event, 05.19.12! Evansville, Indiana

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I was thrilled to be a part of the Barnes & Noble experience on Saturday, May 19, 2012, when we held a two-hour signing at the Evansville, Indiana, location! Here are some of the photos from this fine event.

This one needs no explanation



Talking about old days with Deanie Jo Merrick Harrell, originally from my neck of the woods in Mt. Erie



This gentleman is a meteorology student; in the background is Deanie Jo's husband Todd


The meteorology student was particularly interested in the long-track map (which goes with me everywhere now)


Use of the long-track map was made possible by reprint permission from one of its developers, Dr. Stan Changnon


The map, as it turns out, was a big draw for folks as they were passing by the table


Of course, the huge damage photo of the girl with the bicycle in DeSoto, and the giant book cover, also go a long way toward attracting the passersby and letting them know where the signing is...


Jack excels at getting the dramatic shots when I'm explaining things....


Sometimes the expressions border on the goofy.


Talking with the events coordinator, Mariana, at the end of the signing


Talking with B&N employee Rob Wick, whom we used to work with at the Albion paper back when I was actually researching the book


After such a huge day (presentation and signing at the library in Mt Vernon, Ind., in the morning and B&N in the afternoon) Jade was feeling the effects of being a coffee teetotaler

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