Angela Mason spent a quarter-century of her life in the music and performance fields as a vocalist, musician, actress and on-air radio personality while living in Illinois, Indiana, the Gulf Coast, Eastern Seaboard states and even Germany. But the love of writing and of history prevailed and she has been published with or working for various newspapers, magazines and journals since 1992. “Death Rides the Sky” is her first book, and the creation of it helped her get over her fear of tornadoes, which was developed over several years of intense storms sweeping across the woods and fields of Wayne County, Illinois (where there haven’t yet been enough earthquakes to warrant a book and subsequent facing of that fear…yet). She resides in her beloved Southern Illinois with her husband Jack and a passel of spoiled cats, is mom to three beautiful adult kids and grandma to (so far) three of the most amazing granddaughters on earth.